With boundless enthusiasm for learning and sharing skills as well as always being at the forefront of design trends, Jema was an obvious choice for publishers to commission the first books in several new making genres from. She has been published by Northlight, David&Charles, Collins&Brown, GMC and Rainbow Disks.

Her visibility at the front of the design revolution that is ‘Steampunk’ led to her creating three whimsical books as well as an appearance in many steampunk lifestyle and art books including the best selling ‘Steampunk Bible’ and ‘Steampunk an Illustrated History’.

After the publication of ‘Steampunk Teaparty’, she toured England as a guest chef for the Foodies Festival demonstrating Absinthe Fairy Cakes and Gin and Tonic Cake to enthusiastic audiences. She has also hosted several “mad hatters tea parties” for fantasy and literary conventions with entertainment and interaction being a key feature.

Jema has also been a regular contributor of commissioned step by step projects for jewellery publications such as ‘Bead Magazine’, ‘Making Jewellery’ and also scholarly articles for International Costume Magazines ‘Foundations Revealed’ and ‘Your Wardrobe Unlock’d’.

Jema currently has 7 book titles available. Two general beading, two CD-ROM on tiara design and creation, and 3 Steampunk how-to’s covering jewellery, accessories and teatime recipes.

She is beginning to expand into fiction, and as well as short stories, also has a novel under way.

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Steampunk Apothecary by Jema Hewitt

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