The Steampunk Gin Bustle

January 9, 2013 in Costume, Gin

Whilst thinking about cocktail cabinets and the dificulty of getting to the bar at a crowded soiree, I came up with the idea of a bustle that concealed a hidden drinks cabinet!

The construction of the outfit is described in detail here and you can also see me talking about it in a video for TheMuseTV

The actual gown has been featured in a few different exhibitions and books now, and it is so much fun to wear, it always turns heads….
 It features a quite traditionally victorian cuirasse bodice pattern cut, unboned but worn over a steel boned corset, with a velvet front panel and sumptuous peacock patterned satin sleeves. The actual bar is made from buckram and is rigid enough to support cocktail shaker, hendricks gin bottle and is lit from above with white LED’s. 
The bustle swag is created from a piece of Saree fabric which drapes much like a venetian blind over the rigid bar structure. when a tassel is pulled the swag swishes apart and upwards like theatre curtains to reveal the bar!
It is quite heavy when the bar is fully stocked and also because it’s rigid (unlike most of my other costumes collapsable bustles) it’s not the greatest thing to sit down in!